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3DS Team S.r.l. is a company that operates in the fields of research, design and software development and that offers consultancy for the creation of customized solutions. In fact, our goal is to assist all those companies which, not finding a product suitable for their needs on the market, need to develop a customized one.
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The experience gained over time, working on various types of projects, exploiting both the company's internal infrastructures and the main cloud services, with the need to integrate the customers' existing software, has led us to have a very broad vision on what are the possible applicable solutions. Our skills range from distributed to embedded systems, from production process management to data collection and analysis, from mobile application development to integration with hardware and software in more specialized environments.


By investing heavily in research, we consider every tool and technology, from commercial to open source, to manage all the needed elements to solve the problem, from infrastructure to software. We follow the process in every part, always willing to cohoperate with other suppliers, with the aim to identify the best solution and achieve the set goal.


The need to optimize resources and production processes is one of the main reasons why a company wants to invest in customized software; the products on the market are often made in order to answer to generic situations and by adopting it is necessary to submit to logics and interfaces that are often difficult to use. Implementing a customized product is often the only option to save time and resources, especially in environments where it is necessary to use multiple disconnected software to cover the various situations of a company; being able to integrate everything in a single tool, it not only increases productivity, but it decreases management times and optimizes costs, improving the overview of the production and the company.


Here are some of the fields and projects we have dealt with: warehouse management, logistics and traceability; automotive and private transport field, environmental data analysis for public works and energy-related companies, development of mobile applications aimed at sales or maintenance in the food industry, load management for systems intended for sale to the public or for the management of users in the sports sector, digital signage and content distribution in the publishing industry, management of alarms, vehicles and interventions in the private security field, configurators, product estimates and calculation programs in the heating and oil industry, management of vehicles in the public transport.
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